Group Overview

Since 1963, Master Group of Industries continues to grow in diverse fields through innovative technology with a modern and realistic approach. Pioneering foam manufacturing and provision in Pakistan, Master Group also penetrated into textile, automotive, chemicals, furniture, and renewable energy sectors. Each company within the group is leveraging modern transmutation techniques to manufacture products of international standards. Being Pakistan’s leading group since 1963, we have been procuring our core values to keep growing in multiple dimensions promoting employment opportunities in Pakistan.

Our Businesses

Our Businesses

Corporate Social Responsibility

Master Group unswervingly challenging the societal norms and pushing itself for economic, environmental and energy stability within Pakistan. We are collaborating with government, non-profit organizations and other private bodies in innovative ways to make a sustainable and prosperous Pakistan. From women empowerment to health, the billbed campaign to aiding energy crisis, challenging stereotypes and other norms to boosting economy Master Group is vigilantly fulfilling the social responsibilities. Each entity under Master Group is collectively striving towards a flourishing and thriving Pakistan.

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