Quality Is Key

PSince 1993, Master textiles has been one of the leading Textile Manufacturers of Pakistan.

Equipped with state of the art spinning, weaving and garments facility, Master Textiles is dedicated to producing according to European and American standards.

Master Textile

At Master Textile we have fully revolutionized our processes, integrating eco-technology such as E-flow, Jeanologia, and laser to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve water. We believe in crafting sustainable products by sourcing bio raw material and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

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Master Nonwoven

We constantly strive to enable our customers in curating high-pertormance and sustainable solutions with a problem- solving approach to improve the quality ot life. With advanced technology and the expertise ot our diligent protessionals, we produce the widest variety ot nonwoven fabrics in Pakistan to accommodate multiple industries.

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+ Years of Experience
Thousand + Group Employees
Cities Covered
Million Customers Served

Driver of Economic Growth

Being the largest export earning sector and employing majority of the labor force – textile is the backbone of Pakistan.

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