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Pioneer of foam industry in Pakistan - Since 1963 Master MoltyFoam has been manufacturing and providing inventive sleeping solutions offering ubiquitous health effects.

Commitment to producing innovative problem-solving products, Master MoltyFoam launched Pakistan’s first-ever healthcare and orthopedic sleeping solutions. The company takes pride in being the only foam manufacturer of the country that utilize top-class high-pressure technology to produce quality comfort solutions.

Master MoltyFoam

Deep, Restful Sleep for healthy living! Being socially responsible has always been an inextricable part of MoltyFoam's heritage. Upholding the highest ideals of integrity, innovation, and excellence in all its conducts. Master MoltyFoam has taken several initiatives to uplift society. Empowering women, healthcare, education, infrastructural development, and sustainability have been the main channels to depict MoltyFoam's aspirations and dedication for its beloved country.

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Master Celeste

Founded in 1997, Master Celeste became the benchmark of luxurious sleeping solutions in Pakistan. State of the art technology, finest craftsmanship, strict quality controls, and medical research enable us to formulate ingenious foam and spring solutions offering true magnificence. Master Celeste’s resourceful researchers and technical testing laboratories confirm to Master Standards of Excellence delivering premium quality spring mattresses.

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+ Years of Experience
Thousand + Group Employees
Cities Covered
Million Customers Served

Guaranteed Comfort and Support!

Being the pioneer of the foam industry in Pakistan, Master Group constantly strives to revolutionize the comfort industry through innovative concepts and disruptive technologies.

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