Billboard by day, bed by night: India should get inspired by Pakistan’s billbed campaign for the homeless

Billboard by day, bed by night: India should get inspired by Pakistan’s billbed campaign for the homeless

There are millions of people in India who are compelled to live on the streets simply because they do not have access to any other option that would allow them to avoid this circumstance. They have no other option than to live their lives under these circumstances. People from neighboring states often relocate to major cities with the expectation of finding employment in the construction industry there.

However, despite the fact that they commute, they almost always discover that they are unable to afford even the most basic forms of housing. The findings of the census that was conducted in the United States in the year 2011 revealed that there were more than 1.77 million persons residing there who did not have permanent status.

In addition to Pakistanis, there are also people from a number of other countries that share the same fate and problems. They have been able to take measures toward bettering their situation with the support of a local company known as Master MoltyFoam, which is in the business of making mattresses. These actions were taken by them. In Pakistan, an innovative reuse project was carried out in partnership with BBDO Pakistan. As part of this project, outdated billboards were repurposed into living quarters in the form of sleeping quarters. BBDO Pakistan was the advertising agency that oversaw the project.

A video that illustrates the product that the firm sells, a billbed, which is essentially an advertising billboard by day and a bed by night, has received a lot of attention on social media. The video in question shows the product being used. The video demonstrates how it all may be used both during the day and during the night. When night falls, the billbed transforms from a billboard displaying advertisements into a bed for the person using it. During the day, the billbed is converted from a bed into a billboard, where a variety of advertisements may be shown. Up till the year 2015, a total of 150 of these beds could be discovered spread among nine different cities that are dispersed in different parts of the country of Pakistan.

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