Shahzad Malik MD Master Group of Industries, Sheds Light on The Importance of Wind Energy

Shahzad Malik MD Master Group of Industries, Sheds Light on The Importance of Wind Energy

It's common knowledge that countries all around the world are looking for renewable forms of energy that don't pollute the environment. As technology continues to advance, we will have more possibilities for renewable sources of electricity.

Wind Power in Pakistan

It is notable that the use of wind power is quickly growing around the globe. The employees of Master Group of Industries are aware of the possibility that wind may emerge as the preeminent source of energy in the not-too-distant future. They have therefore accomplished something really commendable for the development of the nation and are committed to making significant strides in the direction of achieving their goal.

The duty of the corporation to serve the country and to serve as a model organization takes precedence over the company's obligation to serve the interests of its shareholders. They are developing and managing cutting-edge wind power facilities with the goal of providing energy that is both reliable and environmentally friendly.

In addition to ensuring the efficacy of renewable and sustainable energy distribution in Pakistan, we also offer the highest possible degree of technical knowledge.

Because of the abundant natural beauty and resources of our native area, we have more than enough of everything we need to live comfortably. By maximizing the potential of this notion, The Master Group acknowledges that it has a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the economic growth of our magnificent nation.

Master Wind Energy & Nation's Electricity Supply

According to Mr. Shahzad Malik, managing director of Master MoltyFoam and Master Wind Energy,

"The cost of electricity in our country has gone phenomenally high. In Pakistan, we need to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels by switching to power sources that are friendlier to the environment in order to light and heat our houses.”

Specifically, Master Wind Energy is now operating two wind power projects that have a total output of 103 megawatts (MW). The managing director of MoltyFoam, Mr. Shahzad Malik, continued by saying,

"We want to support the country in coming together and developing a zero-emission framework, and with your assistance, we can make it a reality."

The Master Group of Industries is committed to ensuring the continued reliability of the nation's electrical supply as well as the protection of the planet for future generations by investing in and developing renewable energy sources such as hydropower and solar energy. This commitment can be seen in the company's mission statement.

Master Group "Carbon-Negative Firm"

In this article, Mr. Shahzad Malik, Managing Director of Master MoltyFoam, divulges some facts that are both fascinating and surprising.

"We are a carbon-negative firm because we create four times as much energy as we consume," he continues. "This results in a net positive impact on the environment. The capacity of our renewable energy sources is now 105.3 megawatts.”

The residents of Jhimpir and Jamshoro reaped a significant deal of benefits as a direct result of their efforts. Additionally, Master Group is a pioneer in the provision of service to these areas. In the not-too-distant future, the Master Group of Industries plans to do a more significant amount of volunteer work in the local community.

The Master Group has already made significant progress, but this is just the beginning of the ways in which they will contribute to the advancement of the country. The winds of prosperity are blowing, and with them comes the possibility of a rise in fortunes on a national scale.

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