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Full time

Education: MBA or equivalent

Experience: 20 Years with 05 years in a similar role

Job Description:

 • Develop new business and increase customer loyalty by investing in long-term relations with patrons and potential customers, identifying new market opportunities

• Develop strategic objectives related to sales and marketing functions.

• Build initiatives for establishing a brand and corporate identity.

• Develop marketing plans, such as promotional events and product launches.

• Create and maintain sales and marketing budgets.

• Research the market, understand customer requirements and analyze trends.

• Offer expert advice for advertising campaigns and PR activities.

• Establish partnerships to increase sales and collaborate with media platforms.

• Attend business seminars, conferences and workshops to track industry trends.

• Analyze and respond to competitors' strategies and changes in the industry.

• Assign sales territories and targets to the sales team.

• Prepare reports and presentations to update management with sales progress.

• Network and socialize with important clients to ensure sustained patronage.

• Maximize value from referral networks and business connections.

• Evaluate the performance of sales and marketing team periodically.

• Coordinate with the business development teams & cross functional leaders.

• Coordinate with the HR department to hire and train staff.

Technical Skills:

• Business Development

• Good Product Knowledge

• Financial Acumen & Literacy

• Strategic Mindset & Approach

• Project & Budget Management

Management/Interpersonel Skills:

• Time Management

• Stress Management

• Collaborative Leader

• Excellent Communicator

• Excellent Negotiator


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