Sustainable development, the ethical business conducts, and industry-wise corporate responsibilities of Master Group are visible enough from its unique initiatives. The Group has always utilized its potential to be consumed for the health and well-being of the communities it operates in. Master is dedicated to social awareness causes, enlightenment, innovation, and building a comfortable environment for our community.

The World’s First Billbed

Making comfort readily available has always been our prime motive at, Master. With the passion to provide a good night sleep for all, Master MoltyFoam came up with the initiative of installing “Billbeds”. Utilizing innovation at its best, the company set out to create simple billboards that could advertise MoltyFoam during the day and serve as beds at night. Using the bed is as simple as flipping over the sign and lying down.Master MoltyFoam installed Billbeds all across Pakistan for the homeless and other indigent Pakistanis to provide them with comfortable sleeping surfaces to help them in having a restful sleep. According to statistics, there are about half a million homeless people sleeping on the streets in major cities in Pakistan. Most of them come to the cities to work as labourers on meager wages. A large percentage of the earnings is sent to the workers’ families, leaving them penniless and with no place to call home. With the installation of Billbeds, Master MoltyFoam helped these homeless individuals sleep comfortably at night. The initiative was well-received not just nationally but internationally and gained Cannes Lions Award. The thoughtful campaign motivated companies and individuals at all levels to do something of significant importance for their fellow struggling Pakistanis. Master Group considers the progress of Pakistan and its individuals their primary corporate social responsibility and continuously comes forward with innovative campaigns exclusively designed to uplift the destitute individuals.

Women Empowerment

Women of Strength:

In a country like Pakistan, where women don’t get enough opportunities to prove their true metal due to gender biases and societal pressures, Master MoltyFoam came up with the concept of “Women of strength”, for which they gathered untold stories of several valorous women that set new benchmarks within their domains, challenged the stereotypical approach, and made their fellow Pakistani women realize their true potential. The ideology behind the concept of “Women of strength” is simple yet powerful. The initiative is designed to convey a message of strength, positivity, and courage through inspiring personalities to all those women who are stuck in their houses, toxic relationships or are bearing hardships at the hands of poverty and lack of opportunities. Master MoltyFoam conducted one-to-one sessions with these boundless women who shaped a new world around themselves with sheer dedication, devotion, and self-trust and recorded their stories to inspire others. The company pays tribute to all the dauntless women, that are pushing their boundaries to challenge patriarchy, constantly striving to change the face of modern dynamics in their favor and continue to inspire millions of others with their resilience and strength.

Beti Bojh Nahi:

Empowering women and enabling them to earn their own livelihood has always been a cause close to Master Group’s heart. Master MoltyFoam took the initiative to fulfill this challenge and provided the diligent and dedicated girls with vocational training. These training assisted the women to attain self-sufficiency and socio-economical autonomy they have been dreaming to achieve for so long. Besides providing them with vocational training Master MoltyFoam also sponsored their marriages to promote the idea of “Beti Bojh Nahi”. With the concept of “Beti Bojh Nahi” Master MoltyFoam's ultimate goal was to identify the underprivileged but extremely hardworking young women who didn’t have sufficient finances to sponsor their weddings. All of these 100 chosen families were being administered by their daughters. Upon discussions with Master MoltyFoam, they shared how they have been suffering at the hands of poverty and societal pressures to get their daughters married. Under the campaign “Beti bojh nahi” Master MoltyFoam shared responsibilities of these families and took complete charge of their daughter's marriages. With this campaign, Master MoltyFoam not only helped and shared the burdens of these hundreds of families but also forwarded the message of kindness and compassion. The initiative made people understand the fact that daughters are a building pillar of a household, contribute to the development of society, and holds the future of a nation.

MoltyFoam & PinkRibbon join hands for nationwide Breast Cancer Awareness:

In Asia, Pakistan has the largest rate of breast cancer. An estimate of 89,000 breast cancer cases report every year making it the second biggest cause of women's death in Pakistan. Among every nine women, one is susceptible to suffer from experiencing breast cancer at some point in her life. Renewing the commitment to the wellbeing of people Master MoltyFoam joined hands with Pink Ribbon to spread breast cancer awareness in Pakistan. Both the entities Master MoltyFoam and Pink Ribbon Pakistan realized the biggest contributor to breast cancer spread in Pakistan is the lack of breast cancer awareness among the masses. It is considered a tabooed topic that shy people. Master MoltyFoam and Pink Ribbon decided to face this challenge together and conducted nationwide campaigns to develop consciousness of breast cancer and its severity. Additionally, pink illuminations were held nationwide. Particularly illuminating landmarks in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi and found widespread appreciation countrywide. Each building, lit in honor of cancer fighters and survivors, also paid tribute to those lost to the disease. The initiative contributed positively to spreading awareness and educating people of breast cancer symptoms, treatments, and severity.

A Good Night Sleep for All

With the promise to provide quality comfort, innovation, health-friendly products, and exceptional services, Master MoltyFoam continuously strives for the well-being of fellow citizens to fulfill their primary corporate social responsibility. Providing quality sleep to all has been the prime motive of the company. Master MoltyFoam thinks quality sleep an absolute necessity and basic right of everyone. To fulfill the mission of providing “A Good Night Sleep For All” the company supported several many causes.

My Home Al-Mustafa:

Millions of children on streets, orphans, and those belonging from low-income support households are deprived of quality food, education, and comfortable sleep. With kindness and compassion in heart Master MoltyFoam joined hands with Al-Mustafa orphanage and donated them comfortable MoltyFoam mattresses to help them develop a healthy, nourishing, environment for the children.


Master MoltyFoam also collaborated with Dar-ul-sukun to provide quality mattresses for special individuals who are there. Dar-ul-sukun is tirelessly working to improve health, functional performance, and education of these individuals with special needs who otherwise are often negletected by the society.

Siraye at Children’s Hosptial:

Recognizing the difficulties people face when they come to urban areas for medical and health purposes. With little means and so many problems, they have to sleep on hospital floors, corridors, and gardens to get their loved ones treated. Feeling the pain of these emotionally disturbed individuals Master MoltyFoam donated mattresses to “Siraye” at Children Hospital so that these people have comfortable space to lie down and relax for a while. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Master MoltyFoam also diligently helped the government in setting up comfortable medical facilities for coronavirus patients to fulfill their social, ethical, and corporate responsibilities.

Neckup by MoltyOrtho

In today’s age technology is an irrefutable part of our lives. Be it a toddler living in a suburban home or an adult woman who works a 9-5 job, everyone is dependent upon technology and have developed an inseparable relationship with smartphones.This dynamic has led to many people viewing their smartphones with their ‘necks down’ and ultimately magnifying the pressure exerted on the neck from 10 pounds to 60 pounds. This predicament is particularly critical for children as the bad posture would result in many of them developing chronic spine issues known as Text Neck syndrome; later in their teenage years.

Text neck syndrome is a modern name of the neck ache caused by the excessive use of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Severe state of Text Neck syndrome called Kyphosis causes a spine disorder making the upper back hunched. Taking an initiative to address the issue, Master MoltyFoam introduced Pakistan’s first-ever posture correction app “Neckup by MoltyOrtho”. The app is created in partnership with medical experts after analyzing the growing data on Text Neck Syndrome in Pakistan. The “Neck Up” app effectively detects when a phone is being used with an incorrect posture and blocks the screen until the user literally lifts his/her phone and neck up.The App is available on both IOs App Store and Google Play Store and could be downloaded for free. So far, thousands of people have downloaded the app. Mothers, who are particularly worried about their children using phones with bad posture have identified this app as a blessing.

Sina Clinic

Sina Clinic sponsored by Master MoltyFoam was inaugurated at Sherpao Colony, Karachi. Considering the poor health conditions in Sherpao Colony and its surrounding areas, Master MoltyFoam took the initiative to build a healthcare facility which can be accessed by all. Before Sina Clinic, about 80% of the population around the Sherpao colony didn’t have access to the basic healthcare facilities. SINA Clinic provides free of charge quality healthcare facilities to the individuals. The services include diagnostics, consultation, medication, quality laboratory tests, ultrasound, and treatment referrals if required.

MoltyFoam & NowPDP

The differently-abled find it grueling to be accepted as a functional members of the society. Physical limitations, societal biases, and individual circumstances often hinder their way to success. However, Master MoltyFoam believes earning a good livelihood with a sophisticated job or decent business is an important step towards the rehabilitation and empowerment of differently-abled individuals. Being able to work in a sustainable environment evades the sense of social exclusion and improves self-confidence. To equip differently enabled individuals with the right skill set that enable them to earn a respectful living on their own, Master MoltyFoam joined hands with NowPDP, a leading disability organization. With the help of NowPDP, Master MoltyFoam conducted skill development training for differently-abled individuals to empower them with the wealth of education and enable them to contribute to the development and progress of the country. The individuals also possess the same enthusiasm to achieve excellence as others, all they require are opportunities, guidelines, and a little consideration of their abilities and passion.

Our Response to Covid-19

CoroImdad with Saylani Master Group considers common social good equally important as profitability and delivering value to shareholders and clientele. The Group understands the value of being a good corporate citizen. Knowing so, Master Group always stood resolute in times of crisis to support the government and people of Pakistan. Hunger, unemployment, hopelessness, lack of medical facilities, and prevailing social issues due to pandemic created havoc for all, especially for the underprivileged communities. Realizing the responsibility of social welfare, Master Group came forward with an organized plan to help low-income groups and provide them with the basic necessities of life. To do so efficiently, Master Group joined hands with Saylani Welfare Trust and distributed ration bags among thousands of families. The Group also helped the government in setting up quality medical health facilities for corona patients. The unstoppable spirit to serve the country and its inhabitants kept Master Group driven to do more and better. In order to develop a systemized channel to reach out to the families requiring aid Master Group started another campaign #dontletthemsleephungry and urged masses to contribute to the cause as much as they can. Master Group matched to every penny and delivered it to destitute families for good.

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