Master MoltyFoam rescuing masses from ‘Text Neck Syndrome’

Master MoltyFoam rescuing masses from ‘Text Neck Syndrome’

Master MoltyFoam Launches Pakistan’s First ever ‘Posture Correction App’ to fight Text Neck syndrome!

In today’s age technology is an irrefutable part of our lives. Be it a toddler living in a suburban home or an adult woman who works a 9-5 job, we’re all dependent upon technology and have developed an inseparable relationship with our smartphones. This means that our eyes are glued to our mobile screens from the moment we wake up to the last thing we see at night. This dynamic has led to many people viewing their smartphones with their ‘necks down’ and ultimately magnifying the pressure exerted on the neck from 10 pounds to 60 pounds. This predicament is particularly critical for children as the bad posture would result in many of them developing chronic spine issues known as Text Neck syndrome; later in their teenage years.

Taking an initiative to address the issue, Master MoltyFoam created a much-needed App called ‘Neck Up’. The app is created in partnership with medical experts after analyzing the growing data on Text Neck Syndrome in Pakistan.

The “Neck Up” app effectively detects when a phone is being used with an incorrect posture and blocks the screen until the user literally lifts his/her phone and neck up. The App is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store and should be downloaded for free by everyone today to avoid chronic neck pains in the future.

Since 1963 MoltyFoam has been a market leader in Pakistan. Its rich heritage assures a promise of mattress ranges like the MoltyOrtho offering best ortho mattresses, specifically designed to guarantee ease for the spine and backbone. The organization prides itself in giving priority to the health and well-being of its customers, and now with initiatives like Neck Up by MoltyOrtho app, they are extending the promise of healthier spines 24 hours a day.

MoltyFoam is hopeful that with this app it can help change the behavior pattern of users around the country and save countless children and adults from neck and spine problems.

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