Celeste Home Fashion 2in1 Luxury Mattresses – A True Comfort Gift!

Celeste Home Fashion 2in1 Luxury Mattresses – A True Comfort Gift!

The consensus of luxury and comfort with timeless style is an art that Celeste Home Fashion mastered very early in its journey. Innovating the luxury to deliver comfortable solutions that make a house feel like home became the forte of this leading luxury home furniture brand in Pakistan. With the state-of-the-art concept of the “Sleep Lab” where one can test and try luxury mattresses in a home-like environment. Celeste Home Fashion now brings another advancement to comfort living with its 2in1 mattress range. These highly adaptable bed mattresses deliver the comfortable luxury of two entirely different firmness levels in one mattress.

Let’s discuss how each of these comfort machines is the ultimate comfort goal for your magnificent homes:

Hybrid Mattress:

A versatile high-end luxury mattresses offering two comfort levels i.e. plush and ortho firm. The pressure absorbent pocketed springs are placed in companionship with memory foam and high-density foam in such a way that one side of the mattress delivers orthopedic support however the other side offers conforming medium-firm support. With its particular body compliant mechanism, spine supporting properties, and motion cancellation effect Hybrid mattress is an ideal choice for those seeking luxury along with comfort.

Features and Specifications:
– Provides two levels of comfort: Plush and ortho firm
– Shock absorbent pocket springs
– Pocket zoning according to the human anatomy for perfect sleep posture
– Even weight distribution across the surface
– Superior back support
– Conforming properties of memory foam for customized spine comfort

Hydro Memory:

Hydro Memory is another grand bed mattress of the Celeste Home Fashion 2in1 range. Cool gel beads infused memory foam with the help of zoning grooves create a superior air regulation effect that keeps surface temperature regulated at all times. Resilient pocketed springs web in harmony with layers of memory foam and HD HR foam makes an opulent 2in1 mattress that delivers postural and spine support with one side and medium-firm support with the other. Now flip your mattress to choose between different comforts levels available within this opulent comforting mattress.

Features and Specifications:
– HD HR foam and along with conforming properties of memory foam
– Cool gel-infused memory foam for better air regulation
– Featuring two firmness levels in one mattress- Plush and Ortho firm
– Resilient pocket springs
– Airflow technology for temperature regulation
– Customized spine support for better alignment


Halo is the perfect fit for individuals that are reluctant to pick plush Luxury mattresses due to common misconceptions. Well, Halo is designed to make this decision easier for you. This super-soft bed mattress is now modified into a versatile sleeping surface that delivers two distinctive comfort levels on its flip sides. One being plush and the other being orthopedic support solves the tie between plush and firm Luxury mattresses. Now win all your mattress fears over with this versatile 2in1 mattress and enjoy the best of both; plush and firm support.

Features and Specifications:
– Specialized high-density foam
– Additional fiber padding for extra plushness
– Pocket spring structure
– 2in1 mattress; plush and ortho
– High-quality breathable fabric


Celeste Home Fashion’s horizon is heaven for all those who prefer a firm sleeping surface. It comes with two firmness levels on each of its slip side. This bed mattress is a rare depiction of a firm and ortho mattresses that deliver the perks of the specialized orthopedic surface as well as that of the normal firm surface. Celeste Home Fashion Horizon is the new beginning of a specialized ortho mattress that delivers precedent support to the lower back and shoulders to keep the spine’s natural alignment intact.

Features and specifications:
– High-density HR foam
– Web of resilient pocket springs
– Flippable bed mattress with two different comfort levels; firm and ortho firm
– Breathable knitted fabric


Harmony by Celeste Home Fashion now offers more than extra with its new manufacturing. With medium-firm original support, now avail orthopedic support on the flipping side with all new Celeste Home Fashion Harmony. This Luxury mattress is engineered tactically to deliver medium-firm and orthopedic support on flip sides with the calculated bounce of pocketed springs.

Features and specifications:
– Generous layers of HD HR foam
– Resilient pocketed springs
– 2in1 mattress with medium-firm and ortho support
– Plush breathable fabric


Celeste Home Fashion Hush came into existence with a traditional approach to spring mattresses. Innovating the conventional mechanism makes a versatile sleeping surface that delivers the usability of a firm mattress with one side and an ortho mattress with the other side. Utilizing Celeste home Fashion’s resilient Bonnell spring, the mattress delivers exceptional support to the spine and sleep movements.

Features and Specifications:
– Offers two different levels of comfort: Firm and Ortho
– Bonnell spring mattress
– Breathable fabric for air regulation
– Supports sleep movement

The luxury home furniture brand in Pakistan

"Celeste Home Fashion” is constantly innovating to raise the luxury standards for superior relaxation. If you’re seeking world-class comfort, along with opulence then Celeste Home Fashion’s 2in1 range is best mattresses in Pakistan the right fit for you. Get yourself and your loved ones the perfect gift of comfort!

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