A Brand with Purpose: Master MoltyFoam Introduces Sleep Research Foundation

A Brand with Purpose: Master MoltyFoam Introduces Sleep Research Foundation

In this digital era, brands are becoming increasingly conscious of their campaign’s agendas. In order to remain relevant, companies are now putting great emphasis on introducing solutions that not only attract customers but add value to their lives. It’s commendable how rapidly Pakistani brands are catching up with global marketing trends and practices. Today as we see, many of the local brands have diversified their scope from mere product selling and advertisings to crafting meaningful promotions and awareness campaigns.

Master MoltyFoam being once such brand, is Pakistan’s largest and most renowned selling mattress manufacturer. The company is operating for over 6 decades now and has become the most trusted name in the sleep health and bedding industry. Master MoltyFoam over the years has immensely transformed its communication and has been globally recognized for its unique campaigns.

The Billbed Campaign, which was designed to provide a solution to homeless people sleeping outdoors, won a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions 2015 awards. The company has vested well in women empowerment initiaves with thoughtful campaigns like Beti Boojh Nahe (an intitiative where the brand pledged to host the marriages of 100 women with dignity, enabling them to start their future with a sense of pride and independence, Breast Cancer Awareness initiative with Pink Ribbon Pakistan and Women of Strength Series to support women’s autonomy.

Master MoltyFoam is one of the few local brands, that has kept itself constantly engaged with different social welfare agendas to depict their utmost dedication for a better progressive Pakistan. In its latest campaign, the brand collaborated with Mahira khan to introduce the “Sleep Research Foundation”; the country’s first sleep health and awareness platform. The campaign is a series of awareness ads focusing on health hazards of poor sleep.

The era of digitization has not only led to restlessness but disturbed sleeping habits which has lead to physical and emotional health problems – and that is exactly why proper sleep health education and awareness is so necessary. These series of Public Service Awareness ads highlight multiple poor health occurences which are an outcome of poor sleep. From weight gain to increased risk of heart diseases, like a silent killer, poor sleep does more damage than we think.

Master MoltyFoam has set up Sleep Research Foundation to promote healthy sleep habits in Pakistan. The brand aims to conduct diversified nationwide campaigns, programs, and interactive sessions to develop sleep consciousness among individuals. With its research foundation, the company aims to educate people on the importance of of quality sleep.

We appreciate the thoughtful initiative of Sleep Research Foundation as this certainly is a step towards a healthy Pakistan.

Follow @SleepResearchFoundation or visit www.sleepresearchfoundation.com to learn about sleep related tips, information and more.

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