A journey of Heritage, Values and sustained Growth

The Master Group History

Master Ventured into the foam industry in 1963 with Master MoltyFoam and soon emerged as a leading group by being a trusted name in bedding, furniture, home fashion, healthcare, automotive, energy, and textile sector. Innovating from a technical collaboration with Bayer (Germany), Master MoltyFoam evolved as a generic name for foam. This beginning was a confirmation that people were ready to give away conventional sleeping solutions to make room for real comfort. Master Group brought a revolution to the mattress industry under the brand name Master Celeste. This range of exceptional spring mattresses, not only reformed bedding comfort but also became the most demanded comfort solutions of Pakistan. Similarly, Master Group raised the bar for home furnishing with Celeste Home Fashion. Enabling customers to make a fashion statement through their home interiors. It became Pakistan’s leading lifestyle brand offering globally recognized designed interior solutions.

An offshoot of the foam business, Master Group indulged in the foam chemical industry with Master Thermoshield, producing polyurethane and polystyrene to provide smart insulation and sustainability solutions for domestic and industrial purposes. Instigating the expertise of foam, Procon Engineering was established. In a short time, the company won the automotive industry over with its luxurious and inventive automobile interior solutions and its exceptional systemized manufacturing. Prior expertise of comfort and luxury seating from Procon led the group to introduce ergonomic office furniture in Pakistan under the brand name Master Offisys. Specially designed ergonomic office furniture conforms to the health and structural requirements of workspaces providing the comfort of the international standards.

The passion of being a diversified conglomerate kept Master Group thriving and expanding. The Group widened its scope by entering into the textile industry with Master Textile. It soon became a core business of the group. The vertically integrated company perfected the art of spinning, weaving, processing, and dyeing to produce products of European and American quality standards making several international brands their permanent clients. The Group also pioneered nonwoven fabric manufacturing for the first time in Pakistan with Master Nonwoven. The company conforms to the international quality standards to produce top-notch nonwoven fabric, surgical masks, and gowns, etc to cater to the market requirements efficiently.

Master Group ventured into the automotive industry with Master Motor. Pakistan’s leading ISO certified automobile manufacturing company emerged with a passion for manufacturing light and heavy-duty trucks and buses. In recent years, Master Motor has also penned down an agreement with the Chinese Automobile company Changan and administered its manufacturing and assembling rights within Pakistan. Last but not the least, Master Group’s conglomeratic approach provided zeal to infiltrate into the renewable energy sector with Master Wind. It didn’t take long to understand the dynamics of industry; Master Wind successfully produces and provide clean renewable energy through its wind power facilities.

Our Milestones

Shaping a Better and Healthier Future for Individuals and Communities

  1. Master MoltyFoam

    Pioneer of foam industry in Pakistan- Since 1963 Master MoltyFoam has been manufacturing and providinginventive sleeping solutions offering ubiquitous health effects. Commitment to producing innovative problem-solving products, Master MoltyFoam launched Pakistan’s first-ever healthcare and orthopedic sleeping solutions. The company takes pride in being the only foam manufacturer of the country that utilize top-class high-pressure technology to produce quality comfort solutions.

  2. Master Thermoshield

    Established in 1984, Master Thermoshield is the key producer and provider of Polyurethane and Polystyrene technology utilized to insulate houses and buildings. The company’s insulation systems enhance lifestyle while promoting energy sustenance. Master Thermoshield envision to contribute towards an energy-efficient Pakistan with lower energy costs and reduced environmental impacts.

  3. Procon Engineering

    Procon Engineering a leading car interior manufacturer since 1988 delivers luxurious and innovative interior solutions to its clients. The company’s systemized regulations have made it a leader in the automobile industry. Procon provides quality finished interior for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and tractors to major automobile companies.

  4. Master Textile

    Since 1992, Master Textile is distinguished as a vertically integrated textile and apparel company. The company has state-of-the-art spinning, weaving, processing, dyeing, printing, denim fabric, and garment manufacturing facilities, fully equipped and proficient to produce products consistent with European and American quality standards with an annual turnover of more than USD 120 million.

  5. Master Celeste

    The innovator of spring mattress technology in Pakistan Master Celeste became the benchmark of luxurious sleeping solutions since 1996. State of the art technology, finest craftsmanship, strict quality controls, resourceful researchers, and technical testing laboratories confirm to Master Standards of Excellence delivering premium quality spring mattresses.

  6. Master Motors

    A renowned ISO certified automobile assembling and manufacturing company. Master Motor established in 2002 with a passion for heavy and light-duty trucks and buses. The company’s success lies in the innovation of new products and commendable after-sales services. Master Motor is one of the largest producers of heavy and light-duty trucks and buses in Pakistan.

  7. Master Nonwoven

    Founded in 2002, Master Nonwoven is the first manufacturer of nonwoven fabric in Pakistan. The company specializes in high-quality nonwoven fabric and also manufactures quality masks and gowns of top-class quality for the healthcare industry. In the coming years, the business intends to grow and diversify its portfolio with innovative solutions.

  8. Changan

    In 2018, Master Motors Limited penned an agreement with Chinese automobile manufacturer Chongqing Changan Automobile Ltd. Changan made its way to the top of the Chinese Automobile industry in a very short while. Master Motors has administered the manufacturing and assembling rights of Changan Motors within Pakistan.